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Hey! I'm a Genius!

Hey! I'm a Genius!

Last night, my family sat together in awe over the Philae probe's landing on a distant comet. We marveled over the magic of landing the probe 310 million miles away from Earth - and the ten years it took to do it. 

Mindblown is the best way to state it. We were mindblown. 

We tried to imagine the formulas, the physics, the equations and the general idea of how to calculate such a landing. Our brains nearly exploded, because this level of intelligence - well it's about as far from us as the far-away comet. We praised the minds - the geniuses - that were able to accomplish this incredible feat. 

Johnny told me that he felt like an idiot in comparison to these geniuses. And I told him - we all offer something. And we spoke of how everybody is a genius ... Maybe not at rocket science - but at something. Looking at Johnny, it's easy to see his genius. He's savvy and effortlessly connects to people of all kinds. He's got confidence, and social skills that allow him to speak to anybody and everybody - comfortably. And no, he could never figure out how to land a probe on a distant comet - but perhaps the scientists who did, could never connect with people the way my husband does. 

I asked Johnny what he thought my genius was ... My mind raced with things I thought he might answer with ... But he surprised me. He told me he thought I was a genius of the human spirit. That I cared so much for other people, and that that was where I succeeded. 

Best compliment of my life. 

It felt good to acknowledge a strength. A place where I was genius. Lightyears above the average. 

I thought of friends and family, and when I really examined them - I could see all of their genius. My Dad has been able to capitalize on his salesman genius with a career in real estate. My Mom has taught me love, through her incredible nurturing genius. Friends that are geniuses with artistic ability, humor, intelligence ... And so much more. 

It could be anything. Maybe you know everything about cheese. Or denim! (A JEANius. Sorry.) It was really fun to think and dig and discover the genius in myself and my tribe - and all that we had mastered.

I may not be a lot of things, but I am a master of the human spirit. 

What is your genius?




An Admission ...

An Admission ...

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