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#Blessed or Nah?

#Blessed or Nah?

You are not #blessed

You are very likely #grateful #thankful or #lucky ...

To be blessed, according to Miriam Webster, is to be “held in reverence” or to be “honored in worship”. Dictionary.com says being blessed is, “consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified” or “divinely or supremely favored”.

Guys. Come on now.

It kind of boils down to this. Not everybody gets to be “blessed” (Go ahead and replace the idea of “blessed” with “lucky”.) Some devout, honest, hardworking people  just don’t have your luck. Did you pray better than them? Does your God favor you more? Doesn’t that seem - silly? Amazing people die from cancer. Amazing families battle infertility. Amazing people live in crappy housing that doesn’t meet all of their essential needs. Amazing children are shot dead in their schools. And then of course, some real shitheads are able to overcome, or never even struggle with these same hardships. Life is on a spectrum - good people have bad luck and bad people have great luck, and every combination in between.

Please don’t stop posting your beautiful family photos. Don’t stop sharing what you are thankful and grateful for - Be it a fancy meal or a crystal clear cancer scan. Let’s all just call it by what it is: Gratitude.

#thankful #grateful #lucky



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