I've read that opinions are like assholes ... everybody's got one. Here's mine. ( Ahem, my Opinions! Not booty!)

I am a BOY!

I am a BOY!

I have a friend raising a trans child. This friend - she is incredible. She is kind, loving, and overwhelmingly strong. The journey she is on, supporting her son, is a continuous inspiration to me. She's lost friends, she battles family, but she is unrelenting in protecting and nurturing her son's needs. I know she never imagined a life of advocacy, but here she is. Nailing it - bringing light to the trans community. The other day in conversation she mentioned that there wasn't much in the way of children's literature - for trans boys. So without further introduction, this one is for you, E!

I'm just the same,
I'm just like you.
I like superheroes,
And I like blue!

I'm a very good brother,
And I'm very strong.
But some people think,
That I have it all wrong.

They look at me sideways;
They can't see my heart.
They call me a girl,
Hung up on one part.

But I am a boy,
I am all dude.
Correcting my person,
Is really quite rude.

I'm happy and fun!
I'm full of such joy!
Who cares what they say?
I know I'm a BOY!





If Anyone Can Save This Country ... It's Gonna Be ... Him.

If Anyone Can Save This Country ... It's Gonna Be ... Him.

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