I want to start by thanking you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. To everybody who helped me brainstorm ideas for this questionnaire (or who's questions I used!) - mega thanks! ♥

Understand that this project is about removing all facades. I want authenticity and the human spirit. I do not wish to expose harmful secrets of any kind, but I do ask for honesty. Please strip away any pretenses to reveal how human you are.

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  • What has been the toughest lesson you’ve learned?

  • What insecurity has plagued your life the most?

  • When do you feel vulnerable?

  • What do you fear the most?

  • If you could change one thing in everybody’s mind – what would it be?

  • What are you thankful for?

  • What are you (as an individual – children and marriage aside) most proud of?

  • What is, has, or will stop you from pursuing your dreams?

  • What keeps you motivated to keep going – when the going gets tough?

  • Describe what love feels like to you.

  • What is something about yourself that you’ve always tried to hide?

  • If you could share one piece of advice with the world, what would it be?

  • What is your heaviest burden?

Please submit a photograph of yourself with this email. Face portraits are preferred … no airbrushing or filters allowed! Higher resolution photos = best.